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Heebo and Podcatcher for Nokia N9

Heebo and Podcatcher apps for Nokia N9

I have been making some apps for the Nokia N9 smart phone together with some friends. Most of the work involves visual design and UX specs. First app is a small puzzle game called Heebo and the other a powerful podcast client called Podcatcher.


Heebo is an adaptation of the classic Match-3 genre puzzle game for the Nokia N9. Align the quirky Heebos into lines of three or more to turn the background into golden tiles. When all the background tiles are changed you win the level! Simple but highly addictive!

The game was made together with Mats Sjöberg, who did all the coding and level design. I provided for all the visual design of the app and its UI. More info on the game can be found under its official support page.

Dowload the game from Nokia Ovi Store!

Screenshot of Heebo Screenshot of Heebo Heebo sprites and icon sheet


Podcatcher is a podcast management app for the Nokia N9. You can subscribe to multiple podcast feeds and easily keep them up-to-date and ready for listening. More information about the app can be found on the D-Pointer web site.

Podcatcher was developed by Johan Paul of D-Pointer. I helped out by consulting on UX issues, layout specifications and icon design.

You can download Podcatcher from Nokia Ovi Store.

Podcatcher screenshot


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