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Lies and Seductions

Lies and Seductions

Lies and Seductions is a social adventure game made at the Media Lab, Aalto University School of Art and Design. I provided art direction, character design, animation and cut-scene visuals for the project.

The game is set on a luxury cruise. The player takes the role of Abby, a bored and callous fashionista who makes a bet with her friend that she can get a Christian rock star into bed before the ship is ashore. The player has three days time to flirt, scheme and blackmail her way into the rocker's inner circle and ultimately win his heart.

Check out the Lies and Seduction game web site for more information where you also can download the game.

Screenshots and concept images:

Screenshot of Lies and Seductions Screenshot of Lies and Seductions Screenshot of Lies and Seductions


Creative Lead: Petri Lankoski
Concept Design: Raisa Omaheimo, Petri Lankoski
Game Design: Tommi Horttana, Petri Lankoski
Written by: Mike Pohjola, Petri Lankoski, Raisa Omaheimo
Art Director: Niklas Gustafsson (Characters), Kimmo Karvinen (Environment)
Programming: Tommi Horttana, Petri Lankoski, Jari Suominen
Character Modelling and Animation: Niklas Gustafsson, Reettakaisa Neittaanmäki, Linda Kronman, Anne Parkkali
Environment Modelling and GUI Design: Kimmo Karvinen
Cut-Scene Strips: Niklas Gustafsson
Sound Design: Jari Suominen
Proof Editing: Josie vd Stel

For complete credits please see game web site.


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