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Niklas Åke Gustafsson

Place and date of birth:
Turku, Finland, 7.7.1979

Contact information:

Venttiilikuja 4 B 45
00520 Helsinki

Phone: +358 (0)40-534 4244

Computer and software skills:

Microsoft Windows, MacOS X
Microsoft Office suite
Adobe CS suite, Softimage XSI, 3D Studio MAX, Lightwave


Master of Arts in New Media; Media Lab, Aalto University School of Art and Design, Helsinki, Finland. Focus of studies are on 3D animation, information design and visualisation, and game studies. MA thesis is a 3D animated short film, The Third Eye and a paper discussing the production and its artistic sources.

Studies at the Institute of Art History at Åbo Akademi university, Turku, Finland.

Bachelor of Arts in Media and Communication; Arcada University of Applied Sciences, Espoo, Finland. Focus of studies are on interactive new media. BA thesis deals with the photorealistic shape and surface in 3D graphics applied on a case of virtual archaeology.

Matriculation exam from Katedralskolan i Åbo, Senior High School, Turku, Finland.

Language skills:

Fluent in Finnish, Swedish and English. Basic knowledge of German.

Work experience:

User Interface Designer at Linja Design. Design of UI's for mobile, web and stand-alone applications for industry and consumer use; visual and conceptual design of UI's, design specifications and wireframes, animation prototypes, motion design, icon design, interface branding.

Game artist at Rovio Mobile Ltd. Visual assets for mobile games; in-game graphics, game UI graphics.

2D and 3D Graphic artist at Redlynx Ltd. Visual assets for the Nokia N-Gage game “High Seize”; in-game sprite graphics and animations, visual design of game UI.

Animation post-production for Email Cartoon Oy. Freelance work. Editing and compositing of short animation spots in Macromedia Flash; 2D digital animation, lip synchronisation, rich media presentations.

Lecturer in Macromedia Flash at University of Applied Sciences in Turku. Freelance work.

September 2002-April 2003:
Graphic designer at the Finnish Navy Headquarters. Military service.

May-August 2001:
Web designer at advertising agency Ojalasaari.

May-August 2000:
Graphic designer at new media agency Kuulalaakeri Oy.

Co-founder and creative lead of Blulabs Digital Media Solutions.

June-August 1998:
Web designer at new media agency Kuulalaakeri Oy.

Production references and artistic work:

"Jamo Goes to Japan"; Three animated spots commissioned by the organisation for international mobility and cooperation, CIMO to engage young people to study abroad.

The Third Eye”; 3D animated short film. Film is part of MA thesis at Media Lab Helsinki (Aalto University School of Art and Design). Winner of the media art competition National Student Grand Prix. Featured in Finnish Design Yearbook 2010-2011.

Lies and Seductions”; social adventure game produced at the Media Lab (University of Art and Design Helsinki). Areas of responsibility include art direction, character design, 3D modelling, animation and cut-scenes illustrations.

Espoo 550 -animated spots commissioned by the city of Espoo for their 550th anniversary. Produced at the Media Lab (University of Art and Design Helsinki). Areas of responsibility included storyboarding and 3D animation.

On the Way to Ecocity”; animated short film commissioned by VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland and produced at the Media Lab (University of Art and Design Helsinki). Main responsibilities are character design, 3D modelling and animation.

Multimedia presentation for the Finnish Navy. The multimedia gives an overview of the different troop types and equipment of the Navy. The work was first published at the Vene 03 -boat fair in Helsinki.

Graphic and multimedia design for the interactive DVD horror movie “Suojärvi”. Experimental student project at Arcada University of Applied Sciences.

Interactive artwork, “Nemo”, at the 37° art exhibition in Helsinki. The exhibition was part of the Helsinki City of Culture 2000 project.

Interactive artwork, “Tinman”, displayed at the Ihminen / Människan art exhibition at Aboa Vetus & Ars Nova museum in Turku, Finland.


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