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On the Way to Ecocity

On the way to Ecocity is a warm-hearted animated tale about finding a better life in a new ecological city. The film was commissioned by Technical Research Center of Finland VTT and done at the University of Art and Design Helsinki as a co-production between students at the Media Lab and the departments of industrial design and motion picture.

Still images from the film:

Still from the film Still from the film Still from the film


Directed by: Martin Gimpl, Niklas Gustafsson, Marjo Mansén, Laura Palosaari, Katri Vainiomäki
Written by: Laura Palosaari, Katri Vainiomäki
Character Design: Niklas Gustafsson
3D Animation: Martin Gimpl, Niklas Gustafsson, Laura Palosaari
Backgrounds: Marjo Mansén, Katri Vainiomäki
Compositing: Marjo Mansén, Katri Vainiomäki
Editing: Maria Palavamäki
Music and Sound Design: Markku Ruotsalainen
Supervisor: Kai Lappalainen

For full credits please see end titles of film.

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