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About me

My name is Niklas Gustafsson and this is my little home page you have stumbled upon. Welcome!

I am a visual UX designer and animator living and working in Helsinki and Turku, Finland.

My main areas of focus are currently visual design and animation, but I also do a lot of general concepting, interaction and information design for various new media projects.

Here on my site I will try to publish some works and projects that I have done. Most of the daily work I do professionally are for corporate clients and often classified and thus can't be published here. However, I hope that some of the stuff on this site will give some picture of what I do.

I have a Master's degree from Aalto University School of Art and Design, where I studied at the Media Lab. My studies focused on animation, game design and information visualization. I have also studied some art history and other human sciences at Åbo Akademi.

Please see my CV or LinkedIn profile for more in-depth professional information on me. Feel also free to contact me for further inquiries.

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